Home siding has come a long way since the days of either building with brick or covering your home with wood, not to mention the basic log homes. Today, there are several different materials that can be used to cover your home, providing not only the protection you need but also to add aesthetics to your home with colors and styles that were previously unavailable. When it comes to the siding on your home in Acworth, Alpharetta, Athens, Atlanta, Kennesaw, Marietta, as well as the surrounding areas, you should talk with the experts at Peachstate Windows. One of the best options that you should consider is Hardie Board Siding, which has been around for decades.

What Is Hardie Board Siding?

James Hardie Building Products invented fiber cement products more than 30 years ago. Essentially Hardie Board Siding is a fiber cement product that can be used just like other siding materials to cover your home and protect it from the elements. This board siding offers a number of benefits over many of the other material options that you might be considering.

Compared to vinyl siding, Hardie Board Siding is thicker and less susceptible to warping, sagging, and melting. It is also non-combustible and will not catch fire. Wood siding is flammable and is also subject to the damages of moisture and possible mold growth that will compromise the integrity of the wood siding. Hardie Board Siding also is good at resisting weather damage from the heat and cold, making it a maintenance-free siding that will last many more years than other options. Hardie Board Siding is a great choice for your home.

How Hardie Board Siding Is Used

Hardie Board Siding can be used just like other sidings, it just is a superior option to other materials used for siding. It can be put on like regular siding, going horizontal on your Acworth, Alpharetta, Athens, Atlanta, Kennesaw, Marietta, or surrounding area home. It could also be used vertically, such as for board and batten siding. In fact, many times homeowners will opt for using it both ways to provide a visual difference for their home. The team from Peachstate Windows has experience using Hardie Board Siding in a variety of settings that will make your home distinct in your neighborhood. No matter what you have in mind, the team from Peachstate Windows can make it happen. Give them a call today.

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