Nichiha Siding in Atlanta, GA

Board and Batten Siding in Atlanta from Nichiha Siding

Board and Batten siding is a style that has exploded in recent years. You’ve seen it on the internet and in the remodeling shows. Now it’s time to investigate Board and Batten siding replacement for your home. Time to bring this 200-year-old classic to your home.

Board and batten siding is also referred to as barn siding as the original use was for maintaining the garden sheds and barns by adding an extra board over the main seams. Therefore the style looks amazing for many different Atlanta homes. It has both a southern charm and a modern farmhouse feel. Also, board and batten siding help make a home appear larger with a clean façade. You also have the option of mixing different styles and using board and batten siding to highlight different features of your home, such as gables, cutouts, and more. And remember that Nichiha board and batten siding is wind, fire, water, and pest resistant.

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Cedar Shake Siding by Nichiha Siding in Atlanta

Many homeowners love the look of cedar shake siding but are hesitant to go with a wood siding material in a location subject to humidity and heat, no matter what type of wood is used. But, the Nichiha siding options include cedar shake siding with the traditional look of cedar shake, but without maintenance issues, available in the Atlanta area.

  • NichiShake, NichiStaggered, and NichiStraight – Here are some options to get the staggered shape and look that cedar shake is known for. The various alternated shapes include both the widths and the lengths. Not only do these cedar shake siding options from Nichiha Siding come primed to paint for the ultimate in customization, but it’s also made of 50% recycled materials, and the 30-year warranty is transferable to the next owner
  • Nichiha Sierra Premium Shake – The material appears so much like the actual cedar shake appearance that no one will know otherwise until they are inches from it. Deep wood grain texture, stunning shadow lines, and more are carefully combined for cedar shake’s actual appearance and characteristics. Available in 4 unique finishes – charcoal, mahogany, maple, and smoke -to get the natural or weathered look you want.

No matter what type of cedar shake or board and batten siding you are looking for, Peachstreet Windows will help you find the right Nichiha siding for your Atlanta home.

Nichiha Siding in Atlanta

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