Professional Soffit and Fascia Installation Services in North Georgia

For soffit and fascia installation services in the Marietta and North Georgia areas, turn to the professionals at Peachstate Windows. Since our founding in 2016, we have been committed to providing homeowners throughout the region with the top-of-the-line products and professional installation services they need to enhance and protect their home’s exterior. When you choose us for your soffit and fascia installation needs, you can be confident that you’ll receive the remodeling solutions that are just right for your home as well.

The Importance of Your Soffit and Fascia

Your soffit and fascia are two key components of your home’s exterior. The soffit makes up the underside of your roof’s overhang, while the fascia is the surface right above the soffit with exposed surfaces. Together, these elements connect your roofline to your siding, providing reliable protection against weather, pests, and more. And, just like your siding and roofing, these parts of your home’s exterior can deteriorate over time, eventually needing replacement.

Your Source for Soffit and Fascia Installation

At Peachstate Windows, we proudly offer soffit and fascia installation services for homeowners throughout North Georgia. This type of home improvement project is typically completed at the same time as a siding replacement project, as the siding, soffit, and fascia will generally deteriorate and need to be replaced at the same time. Just as we offer top-of-the-line fiber cement siding for your home, we also offer matching fiber cement soffit and fascia that will put the finishing touches on your exterior remodeling project.

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