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Vinyl replacement windows are an outstanding option for Alpharetta homeowners wanting stylish energy efficiency and a low maintenance solution. As Alpharetta’s preferred contractor, our Peachstate Windows team can attest to the wisdom in installing quality vinyl.

Peachstate Windows has been serving as a professional window replacement company in Georgia for over 20 years. Windows, sidings, and doors, we can do all that and much more. Contact us at (770) 485-8011

Why Choose Vinyl Window Replacement?

Alpharetta, GA Vinyl Replacement Windows & New Window Installation

Energy Efficient

We’ll complete your new window installation with high-insulating glass and prevent excessive heat loss through the panes. The vinyl frame sits snugly in the wall, leaving no space for air to squeeze through.


Vinyl neither rusts nor rots. The high-quality vinyl replacement windows we source consist of highly stable PVC, so they will not warp, flex, or react to extremes of temperature.

These frames will still be going strong long after you tire of them.

Virtually Maintenance-Free

Wood looks lovely, but who wants to have to sand it down and varnish or paint it every few years? Our vinyl windows replicate the look of natural wood but only require the odd wash to keep them looking new.


Would you like a woodgrain look or something bolder? Do you want a dark color or something light and airy? With a wide range of colors, textures, and patterns, you have plenty of customization options.


Weight matters more to the contractor than the homeowner, but it can make a difference during construction. It means that installation is quicker, and you don’t have to pay for expensive machinery to lift the windows.


Vinyl is one of the more cost-effective materials on the market. It offers the consumer the best value for their money.

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New Window Installation for Vinyl Replacement Windows in Alpharetta

Are you ready to choose your perfect window frames? Narrow your choice by going through the available styles.

Double-Hung Windows

Also known as double-sash windows, these have two separate panes that slide vertically. You can draw in cool air by opening the bottom sash or dispel hot air by opening the top one. Alternatively, open both for a balanced effect.

Single-Hung Windows

Cost-effective and unassumingly elegant, single-hung windows are ideal for smaller spaces. They will fit with any decor style and offer a practical solution that brings in plenty of light.

Picture Windows

Picture windows create a statement in everything from the smallest bathroom to the grandest dining room.

Are vinyl replacement windows a part of your Alpharetta home’s future? Contact us at Peachstate Windows today to discuss your options and see if they are the best fit. 


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