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Siding Replacement Marietta

Nichiha Siding in Marietta, GA

Peachstate Windows has provided quality siding installation and quality siding replacement to Marietta and the surrounding areas for over 20 years. How? By understanding that great business from start to finish is what our customers deserve.

Once we complete jobs to our standards (and yours), we know referrals to friends and family will pass along. This is how we have become a favorite siding installation company in Marietta and continue to grow in our services and service area.

Peachstate Windows has been serving as a professional siding company in Georgia for over 20 years. Windows, Sidings, and Doors, we can do all that and much more. Contact us at (770) 485-8011.

Hardie Board Siding and Hardie Plank Siding in Marietta

Board and Batten Siding in Marietta, GA Hardie Siding

If you’re looking to upgrade your house siding on your next siding replacement, we want you to look at one of the two lines we carry – James Hardie Siding. Two of the house siding products from Jame Hardie are local favorites – the Hardie Board Siding and the Hardie Plank Siding.

Let’s start with the board and batten siding from Hardie board siding, perfect for Marietta homes. Board and batten siding is a popular type of siding you’ve no doubt seen in magazines, designer shows, and on Pinterest. Think of wide planks with smaller strips covering the seams. While board and batten style is experiencing a revival, this is actually a style that has been around for 200 years.

Hardie plank siding, another popular style, is often combined with another type of siding for a deep, professionally designed look. Gables, nooks, feature areas, and more can be combined with another style of house siding such as Hardie plank siding or cedar shake siding. This is a great boost to curb appeal that adds dimension and takes away from a cookie-cutter feel.

Discover more about Hardie Siding in Marietta.

Options from Nichiha Siding for Marietta Homes

At Peachstate Windows, we also install Nichiha siding throughout the Marietta area. Nichiha is an excellent option for anyone who is looking for an affordable design. While Nichiha does have premium plank siding, including the Sierra cedar shake siding, there are also budget-friendly options that still include moisture control and a 30-year warranty. Once installed, the budget-friendly lines are double primed and ready for the color of your choice.

Siding Installation in Marietta, Georgia

We know what the different homes of Marietta look like, and we’ve seen lots of varying house siding all over the city. Many homes in Marietta were built starting in the ’50s which means many may be on their second, third or possible fourth siding replacement. After all, Marietta had a population of 8,000 in the ’40s and is now over 60,000. However, even Marietta homes that aren’t that old can take advantage of the many different styles in house siding for gables, focal points, and other areas to give their homes a distinct personality.


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